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College of Letters and Science Help Center

The LSIT Help Center includes knowledge base articles on all LSIT services, including those funded by Collaborate.

If you have a support question, please fill out the form in the help center: Submit a Help Ticket.

Services & Support Request Forms

To quickly request help for a specific topic, please use the forms below.


Account Request

LSIT Services Account Request Instructions.

File/Web Services Request

Form to request the addition of file or web services to your existing account.

File Restore Request

Form to request a file/folder from a Fileshare or Webshare restored from backup.


Networking Request

You can use this request to add or modify networking devices, or check port statuses.


Password Reset Request

Form to request a password reset for a user who has forgotten their password. May only be filled out by department MSO.

Quota Change Request

Form to request a change to the quota for a file/web share you own.

Share Request

Form to request a new file or web share.

Web Feature Request

Form to request additional features for a website including CGI (such as PHP), Search, Statistics, and Streaming.

MySQL Database Request

Form to request a new MySQL database.

Share Modification Request

Form to change owners on a share or change the share name.